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We’ve collected some resources about the creation of a circular economy for EV and other large energy storage batteries. 

Our reports

As part of the scheme design process, we produced a number of reports.
Our Safety & Logistics group also created some safety guidelines

Milestone three report

Proposal for a circular product stewardship scheme for large batteries.

Milestone two report

Detailed research into key aspects of the battery value chain that would interact with the scheme.

milestone one report

Background research of scheme elements, New Zealand value chains and context.

Safety & Logistics Guidance

Voluntary guidelines for the safe handling, transportation and storage of large batteries.

Related reports

Related reports from New Zealand

Vector - New Energy Futures

A 2019 report by Vector that set the scene for a circular economy for large batteries in Aotearoa

Making fleet electrification easy

Industry insights and data use pilot for large battery product stewardship in New Zealand

Lifecycle assessment of electric vehicles

An EECA report on the environmental impact of electric vehicles from a New Zealand perspective

Global Battery Alliance

Resources from the GBA, part of the World Economic Forum

10 principles for a sustainable battery value chain

Circular value chain, reducing carbon footprint and safeguarding human rights are all covered in the 10 principles

Initiatives to end child labour

Four action areas aimed at ending child labour in the electric battery industry in line with the Alliance's 2021 pledge

Battery passport development

A battery passport could track battery ownership and hold information on carbon footprint, human rights compliance, battery health and chemical makeup

Overseas schemes for large batteries

Internationally there are a number of schemes that manage recovery and recycling of EV and other large batteries

Auto Recycling Netherlands

Working towards a circular economy for batteries, reusing 70% of lithium-ion batteries, by weight.


A not for profit organisation co-ordinating collection and recycling of waste associated with vehicles (including batteries).


The Belgian management body co-ordinating the collection, processing and recycling of end-of-life vehicles and batteries.

Elves Ireland

The approved End-of-Life-Vehicle (ELV) compliance scheme for Ireland, funded by its Producer members, new and used vehicle importers.