The Battery Industry Group

The battery industry group

Powering a circular value chain for large batteries

Large energy storage batteries are a vital part of Aotearoa New Zealand's transition to a low emissions economy.

Globally, a circular value chain for batteries could achieve 30% of the emissions reduction needed in the transport and power sectors to meet targets under the Paris agreement.

We’re acting now to deliver a product stewardship scheme that enables the innovation and collaboration needed to make large energy storage batteries a valuable resource in New Zealand’s circular economy.

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Our reports

As part of the scheme design process, we produced a number of reports.
Our Safety & Logistics group also created some safety guidelines

Milestone three report

Proposal for a circular product stewardship scheme for large batteries.

Milestone two report

Detailed research into key aspects of the battery value chain that would interact with the scheme.

milestone one report

Background research of scheme elements, New Zealand value chains and context.

Safety & Logistics Guidance

Voluntary guidelines for the safe handling, transportation and storage of large batteries.

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