About – ko wai matou?

Haere mai!

The Battery Industry Group (B.I.G.) is a group of over 170 stakeholders brought together to research and co-design the product stewardship scheme required by government for a priority product. Large batteries were declared a priority product In June 2020 under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

The scheme is intended to manage second-life options and innovative end-of-life solutions for large batteries and play a key role in Aotearoa New Zealand’s circular economy. B.I.G. is also creating safety guidance for managing batteries.

Research for the initial project was undertaken by Duncan Wilson of Eunomia Research and Consulting and co-ordinated by WasteMinz, with input from specialist advisory groups under the guidance of then B.I.G. chair Juhi Shareef. You can read the report here.

Ka aha ināianei? What’s next?

Further work is needed to complete the co-design process. To ensure continuity for the B.I.G project, it now operates under the governance of Auto Stewardship New Zealand, a not-for-profit charitable trust created to help accelerate sustainable outcomes for vehicles in Aotearoa by providing best practice product stewardship governance.

3R Group has been engaged to carry out work to assist B.I.G complete the co-design. Auto Stewardship New Zealand is currently applying for funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund to complete this work.

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